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O.P.E.R.A. stands for the Oklahoma Psychic Education Research Association.


Established in 1974, O.P.E.R.A. is the oldest concurrent metaphysical non-profit  organization in Oklahoma.

Space Supernova
Planet and Moon


As Oklahoma's oldest metaphysical organization, OPERA seeks to educate the public on many spiritual paths and pursuits.

This corporation is a non-profit, educational, research association devoted to studying the arts and science of the universal laws governing the holistic relation of mind, emotion, body, and spirit.


OPERA's purpose is education, service, research, evaluation, and practice in the fields of psychic phenomena, parapsychology, extra-sensory and/or other metaphysical studies with all rights and privileges thereof: to offer information and assistance concerning foregoing to the general public and to engage in any other activities permitted by the laws of the State of Oklahoma.

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